Practical Goatpacking Techniques and Tips to Raise a Healthy, Useful Trail Companion

This book covers packgoat conformation, gear selection and fitting, training packgoats, field first aid, poisonous plants, packgoat supply resources, packgoat health and management. 145 pages, softcover. Over 50 how-to photos and diagrams. $17.95 plus $3.50 shipping.


Diet For Wethers A Guide to Feeding Your Goat for Health and Longevity

"Diet For Wethers" is the first book that tells you how to feed your wethered goat. Previously goat nutrition information was primarily produced for the dairy industry. With the growth in popularity of using goat wethers as packgoats and harness goats, it's time for more information about proper nutrition for "The Boys."

Chapters about selection of Dietary Components, balancing the diet, evaluating feed quality, feeding on the trail, reading feed tags, diseases that can have a dietary cause, sample diets that are working well for packgoat breeders. 100 pages, softcover. Charts, diagrams and tables covering aspects of feed selection. $14.95 plus $3.50 shipping.

Order both books and pay shipping on only one.

Carolyn Eddy, the author of these books, raises and trains packgoats. She has 35 years of packing experience, backpacking, horse packing and now, goatpacking. These books were a result of answering questions at presentations and conferences and from providing information to packgoat purchasers. Carolyn also has long term experience in working with horse and goat owners to develop training and nutritional programs.

Specific questions about feeding or training can be answered by email.

Send check or money order to: ECPG
Box 755
Estacada, OR 97023
eMail Carolyn at:

With a credit card, these books may be purchased from Caprine Supply at, from Northwest Packgoat Supply at, or from Hoegger's Supply at

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