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Goat Tracks is the only magazine devoted exclusively to the working goat.

John Mionczynski has been referred to as the father of goatpacking. He concieved the idea of the magazine some time prior to 1995 during a trip that had developed into a survival situation. He postulated that if he survived the situation that he found himself in, he would begin a magazine to support this avocation that he loved. Goat Tracks is a result of that dream.

In 1995 John and Ellen McMaster started publishing Goat Tracks, a small journal to disseminate goatpacking information, veterinary care, land use issues, and to further connect the growing community of people who had working goats.

The current publisher, Larry Robinson, received the magazine from Shannon Ashment. Shannon purchased the magazine from Carolyn Eddy in November 2007, Carolyn having originally recieved the magazine from John in 1993.

Goat Tracks strives to publish contributions from many different aspects of the goat community including the North American Packgoat Association. All members of the working goat community are welcome to contribute to Goat Tracks. "Goatstock", the annual packgoat Rendezvous is featured also.

No matter what type of interest you have in working goats, you'll find up-to-date articles and information. Goat Tracks is published quarterly and comes out in March, June, September, and December.

Subscription costs are $24 per year, and $46 for a 2-year subscription. We also offer a paperless subscription for $16/yr (a PDF will be published on the website). PDF files are read by Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free at

To subscribe send payment in check or money order to:
Goat Tracks
13 Norwood Place
Boise, ID 83716-3283

If you prefer to pay by credit card, go to and request your payment be sent to

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